Best Forex Brokers US (UFX Markets) :

UFX Markets can be considered one of the most recent Forex brokers on the market, but if you're looking for a nice trading experience, the UFX Markets team is definitely a veteran trader Offer it. With a specially designed trading platform, a wide range of accounts available and a service in French, UFX Markets tries to satisfy all Forex traders. Read our opinion on UFX Markets to find out if this Forex broker service is right for you.


If you are looking for a forex broker that offers more than just a trading platform, in our opinion UFX Markets should figure at the top of your list. One of our favorite features is the video of daily Forex news that can be listened to while performing other tasks and saving time reading an article on Forex news. UFX Markets also offers a range of different Forex learning tools for new traders.

The most experienced Forex traders can take advantage of the tools that are suitable for experienced forex traders. For example, there are trading signals that are available with any higher account (and, presumably, more expensive accounts), and graphics tools that are available on all platinium accounts (initial minimum deposit of $ 10,000 ). Although it is surprising that only forex traders with a Platinium account can use graphic tools, there are so many options available that we are ready to forget this inconvenience.

Finally, we appreciated that UFX Markets offers commissions to traders who suggest the platform to other forex traders. Although we have found that the minimum deposit for this service is a bit high for new traders, the most experienced forex traders, who know of others, will have no problem doing this type of sponsorship, and we have Appreciated the gesture, given that most other forex brokers do not offer any benefit to sponsorships.

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