Best Forex Brokers US (TRADEO) :

Tradeo is a platform that deals with international currency markets.

These markets may seem difficult to access for the uninitiated ... but with Tradeo, everything is easier.

Whatever your level of knowledge, you can make gains quickly.

You are skeptical and you wonder how this is possible?

On, you can track the results of winning traders, copy them, and ... garner your own earnings!

With the system developed by Tradéo, you simply spot a successful trader and link your trading account to his. Synchronous negotiation will do the rest!

What to do? Nothing is simpler: you must specify the amount of trades you want to carry out and link your account to the one you want to copy. Then the platform will automatically display your positions as well as your return on investment.

To be more concrete, here are the 5 steps required to get started:

1 - Register on By using the following link, you automatically get a time bonus?

2 - Open a Tradeo account.

3 - Make a deposit on your Tradeo account.

4 - Link your account to that of the experienced trader you have previously chosen.

5 - Track your results on your account page and calculate the profits made.