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SaxoMT4 follows in the tradition for which Saxo Bank (aka Saxo Bank) has long been celebrated -bringing its customers with reliable prices, superior liquidity and excellent service.
The SaxoMT4 homepage is clear and sleek with easy registration instructions and a significant amount of business information. The universal ticker tape sliding through the middle of the page flows at a subtle pace and does not remove anything from the rest of the site content.
As all Forex trading online should be taken seriously, it was a pleasant surprise to read that at SaxoMT4 they believe that trading should also be "fun and interesting." You do not find that in many other homes Of Forex brokerage serious. And SaxoMT4 is, at its core, between the most serious brokerage houses out there.
Saxo commerce At SaxoMT4, only Saxo account offers three integrated trading platforms, each accessible from Saxo's MT4-Webtrader and MT4-MobileTrader. Traders may choose to place their trades manually, or they may refer to Saxo Fx 'Expert Advisor.'
The Saxo MT4 account offers the operator the choice of crosses over 50 FX, CFD indices and commodities. They offer competitive spreads and provide a leverage up to 1: 200. There is no minimum deposit.

Saxo trade
Saxo Capital Markets brings you a wide range of social negotiation choices. ZuluTrade is easy to sign up for and does not have a minimum account size. For more experienced traders, Currensee provides higher-sized minimum sizes and more sophisticated strategies. SIRIX social is free and directly integrated into the web and mobile platforms. It offers its traders the ability to automatically copy the trades of other users.
Saxo MT4 platforms allow free access to the Metaqoutes app smartphone if merchants can place orders in any Saxo market at any convenient time. For assistance with trades or any other matter, customer service is available 24/5 SaxoMT4. A free demo account is available for business practices.
SaxoMT4 is a part of Saxo Capital Markets CY Limited (SMC CY), a European regulated broker and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Saxo Bank. It is located in Cyprus and regulated and customer services from around the world.
Saxo Bank is a retail FX trading broker that addresses private clients as well as brokers, institutions and other potential trading partners.
Saxo Bank MetaTrader 4
Commercial offers in Saxo Bank
At the Saxo MT4, the retail trader is offered a lot. It is given a wide range of asset-based products including Forex, stocks and futures and two free demo accounts, with which to test the platforms. It should be noted, however, that there is a lot of information to be absorbed before successfully negotiating if Saxo MT4 is trying its best to provide all the information in a clear and complete mannter. Saxo Bank added trading binary options in December 2011.
Saxo platform Options trade
Three platforms accommodate three types of private traders. The Saxo MiniTrader account is for those who want to make a small investment and trade the most popular crosses. For them, the accounts start at $ 2000 and go up to $ 25,000. For the confident multi-tasking investor, the SaxoTrader account offers more than 160 currency pairs and a variety of other marketable assets. SaxoTrader accounts start at $ 10,000. Finally, for the jet-set operator on the road, Saxo a browser-based trading platform, the SaxoWebTrader offers, with access to the 50 Forex mobile phone crosses.
The Saxo MiniTrader is a downloadable platform of about 8 MB. The registration for the demo is short and sweet. You provide your name, email address, phone number, country of origin, and a password. They provide the user ID. The Saxo FX commercial customer downloads in a matter of minutes. The complete registration process, which is the same for the complete SaxoTrader platform, is more complex. It includes a 20-page legal document and a 5-page client application requiring proof of identity and address plus a passport and financial information detailing revenues, net worth, and venture capital. No funds are requested until your application is accepted.
Final Thoughts
There is no question that Saxo MT4 is among the most reputable and respectable Forex brokerage houses on the market today. Saxo Bank has been providing banking and investment services since 1992, and is undoubtedly one of the most reputable companies in the company. With the launch of SaxoMT4, the company merges the popularity of the MetaTrader 4 platform with the reliability that traders should insist.