Best Forex Brokers (ALFATRADE) :

AlfaTrade is an international financial services provider that deals primarily with financial market operations. All of its services are offered online. This means it offers the best of the online capital market services for people who want to make money without having to go through their broker. The majority of AlfaTrade's customers are retail investors, but there are also institutional investors. Here are the reasons why you should choose the AlfaTrade trading platform:

1. Security of Client Funds

There are several online brokerage sites that do not protect their clients' money. AlfaTrade does not mix the company's money with the money that is received by investors for trading purposes. This makes it easier to track money from the moment an investor adds funds in his account until return on investment.

The funds invested on the trading platform are also protected with an additional layer of security from the Clearing and Investor Fund (ICF). AlfaTrade also has a trading system that ensures that customers do not end up losing more money than they originally invested. Negative balance protection gives customers peace of mind.

2. Customized Trading Accounts that offer a lot of flexibility

AlfaTrade has several types of trading accounts that are tailored to the needs and preferences of each customer. The standard account gives access to currencies (Forex), CFDs, metals and also gives a basic limit on the Spread.

The following account (Premium) differs from the standard account by giving a premium spreads which offer a greater possibility of exercising a powerful buying lever in your trading.

Finally, the VIP trading account that offers a VIP trading gap (the minimum spread is 1.7) and it comes with a personal account manager. The main difference between the three accounts is the minimum deposit required for each account (from three thousand dollars for the standard account to thirty thousand dollars for the VIP account). The minimum difference is higher for the standard account (the minimum difference is 3). However, the VIP account offers a minimum gap of 1.7.

In addition to all these features, AlfaTrade's trading mirror offers investors the ability to copy and learn from market leaders on the site. This is a valuable tool for people who are new to Trading (Capital Markets Trading).