Best Forex Brokers (ADS SECURITIES) :

ADS SECURITIES L.L.C. A limited liability company established(constituted) by virtue of the U.A.E. law is. The company(society) is registered with the Department of the economic development of Abu Dhabi (N 1190047) and has its head office on the 8th floor, IC Tower, Ledge Road, P.O. Cubicle(garage,dock) 93894, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
ADSS is approved by the central Bank of the United Arab Emirates to act as financial and monetary intermediary in the conduct(driving) of brokerage operations financial and monetary for the sale and the purchase of currencies(slogans) and the intermediation in operations on the money market, N 126/5/1995 (such as modified) and to execute certain categories of investing....

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