Beginning on the financial markets, how to invest? :

When people think about investing, very often comes to their minds the stock market investment (on equities and indices). However, financial investment is not limited to equities, investment opportunities are numerous and present on many markets, such as equities but also stock indices, forex currency pairs, metals or even raw materials , So many instruments gathered on the same platform (those offered by forex brokers to traders).

Financial markets when dealt with intelligently can become a paradise for investors. It is possible to invest in and benefit from financial markets but the question is "how?". How do we invest in the financial markets when we start and maximize our chances of being profitable?

Investing in financial markets: 2 solutions
There are two main ways of investing money in the financial markets, we will explain them below. Buy or sell a market and generate profits demands knowledge as you can imagine because you can not trade at random or feel. However, even if you start trading or do not have knowledge specific to the financial markets, you can still be traded.

1. Buying and selling markets yourself
When you decide to do that and become a real trader, then there are not a lot of options. The only thing to do is learn forex trading and possibly follow a trader training. Gradually, by studying the basics of trading a trader will learn to analyze the graphs but also the economic calendar, he will eventually master the technical analysis and fundamental analysis and will be able to detect opportunities for purchases and sales on The financial markets.

2. Copy Experienced Traders
If you do not have trading knowledge, you do not have the time to take courses or to speculate on your own or simply because you are more of an investor than a speculator, then copy traders A solution that you might like.

Selecting and copying the best traders is possible through social trading networks, one of the most popular of them is the eToro Broker Openbook. The selection of traders requires an analysis of the traders, each trader has a profile presenting his trading statistics and his risk profile, so it is relatively simple to judge whether a trader likes us or not. Once we allocate a portion of our capital to one (or several) trader (s), then as soon as the trader opens a trade, the position will be opened on your account at the scale of the trader He will leave the market, it will replicate on your account and you will cash in a profit or suffer a loss.