4 logical behaviors to adopt as forex trader :

Forex trading is a speculative activity in the money markets that is practiced through forex brokers and that makes it possible to earn money. However, we do not improvise to trade by enchantment, it requires work and rigor, the combination of the two makes it possible to develop a trading plan that tells the trader what risk to take, when entering and leaving the market but also What moments to keep out of it. To earn money is to have a plan but also to adopt one of the intelligent attitudes, find them below.

1. Manage your current trades correctly
Having operations in the market requires discipline in the sense that you must not cut your positions too soon or too late. Using a stoploss, takeprofit, trailing stop, can simplify the task to the maximum, provided that it is sufficiently solid psychologically not to touch it once parametrated. Emotional decisions can override some traders, push them to back down their stoploss and suffer reckless losses in the hope that the market turns to their advantage, or they can simply push them back down the takeprofit given the The lure of the gain, it is therefore necessary to work this point.

2. Choose your markets well
Markets are more or less volatile depending on trading hours and the activity of supply and demand. It's good to not necessarily focus on a single market if you're an experienced trader. Some markets will evolve in range during day trading sessions and will only move a few pips per day by forming Japanese candlesticks with massive locks, which will make them difficult to tradable. You have to concentrate more on markets that are moving and provide more trading opportunities.

3. Do not risk more than necessary
Trading involves risks and this concept is to be understood as soon as you start as a trader. A novice must absolutely understand that he must not invest all his capital or the major part of it on one and the same operation. It must respect a money management and particularly the 1% rule, which will enable it to overcome its losing operations and maximize its chances of being profitable in the long term.

4. Trading with a regulated broker
It is a necessity. We can be serious and proficient in trading, if we speculate in the markets through a scammer so we get scammed investment and we will never see the color of our money and our profits . Choosing a regulated forex broker is a smart decision that allows you to not take the risk of scam. Please note that the regulated brokers on our site, such as eToro.